Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Discounts At Retail Stores

Ok, so we all look for the obvious sales signs when we are out shopping: the clearance racks, the big red "SALE" posters, etc. What the majority of people are missing out on are the "discounts" a lot of retailers provide.

For instance, today I was shopping and getting some fabulous sale items. I was standing at checkout and overheard the cashier tell another customer that they offer a discount for nurses. When it was my turn, I asked the cashier to explain the discount. She informed me that New York & Company stores not only offer discounts for AAA members, but also for "public service employees" such as teachers, nurses, law enforcement, etc. I quickly asked her if my career position entitled me to the discount and sure enough...a whopping 15% more off of my total! It reminded me of a time that I got a 10% discount on bait in a tackle shop while on vacation because a worker saw my ID card.

AAA members can get so many discounts and not on just hotels and rental cars. Currently, if you're looking for a new computer system, you can get up to $50 off for being an AAA member. There's a lot of retailers that offer discounts, such as Gap, KMart and Kohl's. So if you're a member, head over to the AAA site and look at all of the offers!

Bottom line...ASK if a retailer offers any discounts, you just may be very pleased with the answer!