Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let's Talk Shredded Paper

I do have one previous post that included uses for shredded paper, however I think it's important to repost and add some more. The amount of paper that is wasted each and every year is simply sad. So if you can't reuse that paper for another purpose ~ shred it. Then try these options:

1. Compost: Any paper that isn't glossy can be added to your compost pile or used directly in your garden. Put some into an old suet feeder (or hang from a mesh bag) and birds will use it as nesting material. You can add it around your plants as mulch and it works great.

2. Pets: Use as kitty litter by simply adding it to the litter box as is. If you want to make it more "clumpy" like stone, head on over to (click HERE) to learn how to make homemade kitty litter that is more like store bought. Use it for bedding in your guinea pig or hamster cage or as nesting material for hens. Use it as stuffing to make a pet bed or simply call your local animal shelter to see if they could use it.

3. Kindling: Winter months are upon us and shredded paper makes excellent kindling for your fireplace or fire pit. You can add it loose or stuff it into empty toilet paper tubes. You can make your own shredded paper logs by visiting eHow or clicking HERE.

4. Gifts: Use it to line gift baskets, boxes and bags. Use shredded magazines to Easter basket instead of the plastic grass.

5. Packaging: You won't have to buy bubble wrap, or foam peanuts, you can simply use shredded paper whenever you ship something or when packing boxes to move.

6. Crafts: Make paper mache or your own homemade paper. For a tutorial, head on over to or click HERE.

7. Plants: Use it to line planters or store flower bulbs. If lining planters, it will absorb the water and keep your plants moist longer.

I'm sure you can think of more uses, but hopefully the ones I've listed will help get you started. so before you just toss that paper, please think of ways it can be reused...and ask Santa for a shredder for Christmas!