Sunday, September 27, 2009

Don't Pull A Re-Gifting Faux Pas!

Ok, fess up...who here has regifted something? How about forgetting what you got someone for Christmas over the years? I think we've all been guilty of one or both. I would like to introduce you to a great site. Gift Elephant. At Gift Elephant, you can keep track of what gifts you've received, given and/or are due to buy. It is not just a calendar, but let's say for instance, you find a great deal on crystal vases so you buy five of them. Well, you're down to two vases in your stash closet and Aunt Ginny's birthday is coming up. Wait a minute...didn't I give Aunt Ginny a vase for Christmas last year? Or was that Aunt Betty? Now you'll know. You can search your gift records for key words like "vase" and it will tell you who you gave vases to, and who you received vases from. Pretty cool, huh?
Of course, it also comes in handy when you have to research who you re-gifted that cheetah print bathrobe to, so you don't give it to the same person you received it from! My latest incident involved me giving my mother-in-law the exact same DVD for Christmas that I had given her the year before. Well, that will never happen again thanks to Gift Elephant! To open your free account, and avoid gifting faux pas yourself, click HERE.