Friday, July 24, 2009


Sorry for the dwindling posts, but we are heading out on our family vacation tomorrow morning and of course I've been more and more busy. We will not have internet access at the lake house, so I will not be able to post again until after our return at the beginning of August. I can tell you that this is so far going to be the most inexpensive vacation we've had in a long time AND I believe the most fun!

1. We found the lake house on, so no realtor fees and I had personal contact with the owner with wonderful results.

2. It's a pet-friendly home. No kennel fees, no worries about how our dog is doing while we're away.

3. I've been picking up extra food (within the budget of course) for the last few weeks in preparation. We will be cooking all of our meals except one and even plan on packing lunch for the ride down and eating at a rest stop picnic table.

4. The lake house we're renting is not near any major attractions and is surrounded by small towns. That means, all of the fun will be free. Fishing, boating (ok, gas money...), canoeing, hiking, etc. There's a state park nearby for a change of scenery.

5. At the end of every season, I stock up on sunscreen for the next year. I usually get it for $1.00 a bottle.

6. The house has a DVD player, so we purchased a few movies we've never seen at yard sales. We'll be taking those and having movie nights if the weather turns bad on us.

7. We're taking the fishing gear and hoping to have some fresh fish for dinner...if not, I packed spaghetti :-)

We used to travel to the Outer Banks every year (sharing expenses with another family), which we certainly enjoyed, but with the kids taking friends we'd end up paying over $200 to eat out at a seafood buffet. The prices were outrageous for everything. Believe it or not, the total for this beautiful lake house is less than our half for the home in the Outer Banks.
So my friends, for the next week or so, I will be enjoying our house on the lake, taking in the simple things life has to offer...I'll post a pic or two when I return...IF I return...


~Kim~ said...

Have fun, renting a big house on a lake is really the way to go! Back in May, a group of about 12 of us went to Smith Mountain Lake to participate in a triathlon, and we all went in on a house rental - the house was huge, on a lake, we brought groceries, it was amazing and didn't break the bank!

Vicki and Noel said...

I hear ya Kim!!! I haven't looked forward to a vacation this much in a long time because I know I'm not going to feel obligated to spend money. See you all in August!