Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ramen Noodles

If you have teenagers, you know about ramen noodles! For some reason, they go hand in hand. I could count the times I had them since college on one hand, and rarely bought them, even for the teens in the house. I tend to think of them as unhealthy. Well, today, they were on sale for 5/$1.00, so I grabbed 5 of them, thinking I'd put them in the pantry. Today I had also harvested some vegetables from the garden and something clicked. Here's what happened next:

I boiled 2 cups of water (the amount for 1 package). I added two packages of noodles, along with one seasoning packet. Cooked until done. Drained the "broth" into a frying pan and added fresh vegetables (broccoli, banana peppers and spring onions). Cover and let the veggies cook in the broth to desired firmness. Added the noodles back into the pan and sprinkled with the second seasoning packet. Stirred until everything was warmed through and coated with seasoning. Holy mackeral, was it good! Since I grew my own veggies, it only cost me $.40 for dinner for two (or side dishes for four).

I then looked up other recipes that include ramen noodles and let me just say...I think I have a new frugal product!