Monday, May 4, 2009

Rewards Programs

We've all heard of them, especially with airlines and credit cards. Rewards programs, frequent flyer miles, cashback, etc. A lot of these offers are out of grasp for the "average Joe", so they aren't taken advantage of. Did you know there are rewards programs for every day items as well? The convenience of the internet makes it all that easier to reap the rewards.

Some programs offer high value coupons, some free items and others entries into sweepstakes. If you're purchasing the item anyway...why not? Today, most hotels have rewards programs so before you go on vacation, you might want to check them out. Here's some examples of every day items that have rewards:

  • Nature Made Vitamins ~ record your purchases online and submit for coupons.
  • Land O'Lakes butter and other products ~ you can earn free products.
  • Coca Cola ~ register the codes found on the caps and redeem for merchandise or entry into sweepstakes.
  • ~ earn points for every purchase and redeem for skateboarding clothing and accessories.
  • Rita's Italian Ice ~ earn a "punch" on your Rita's card (free) and redeem for free Italian Ice.

So next time you buy one of your favorite products, check out their website. Maybe they have a rewards program that you can participate in and earn free stuff!